Custom Tours

Gunlock Loop Custom Tour:  

Take a minute to look at what our Gunlock Tours have to offer. This custom tour offers all or parts of those tours and can last as long as you want, but plan on at least 4 to 5 hours. Lunch will be provided. On these rides, we can take more time looking, visiting, taking pictures, take a dip in the reservoir, explore different trails, take a hike, or travel out to the Red Hollow Arch and see more petroglyphs which are much easier to get to.  

What a way to spend a day!

Cost: $450 per UTV for one to three riders.

Winter Mule Deer Viewing:

From late November until sometime in February when the weather is perfect for a UTV ride, our own Utah Hill offers extraordinary mule deer viewing. In Southwest Utah, the mule deer migrate from the Pine Valley or Enterprise mountain ranges into the desert on and around Utah Hill. When friends and relatives come to visit us in the winter months, this is the ride we take them on and ALL have thoroughly loved it. Most folks don’t know that Southwest Utah is home to a large and healthy herd. Some of our State’s largest racks have come from here. We cannot guarantee to see any mule deer because of the nature of their nomadic behavior but we have not been skunked yet!

We will start with a climb up to Hell Hole Pass and down to Indian Springs. We know of many trails that offer outstanding views of the deer before the bucks lose their antlers. If we can’t find them on the familiar trails then we will explore places where we think, from past experiences, the deer will be.  This is also the time when the bucks are in their rut where they are focused on finding a mate and are less concerned with other surroundings; in other words, us.  This is one our favorite rides to take even without tour guests.  

Cost:  TBD depending on how long you want to tour.

Bundyville over the Mt. Trumbull Mountain Range to Toroweap:

This is a tour where you can see the desert of the Arizona Strip, the restored schoolhouse in Bundyville, and the pine and quaking aspens covering Mt. Trumbull. You’ll see the Grand Canyon in all of its splendor without the crowds. This tour takes a whole day to complete as we will be traveling over 60 miles to our final destination. 

The Gunslinger Tour (Randy’s favorite)

We can take you and your group on any of our tours but with an added feature! We shoot guns. All of us are hunters and sportsmen of sorts and all have our concealed weapons permit. Randy and Doug have taught hunter’s safety for the State of Utah. We can stop along the tour and offer shooting with 9mm pistols, AK 47s, shotguns, or other long guns. We will not be shooting at live animals. We will be target shooting where we will set up targets and let you test your skill or we can throw some clay pigeons and see if you can hit any with our scatter guns.

This is also something we do amongst ourselves quite regularly.  All of our adult children are expert marksmen and love when we do this as a family activity.

Blake and Gubler towards Silver Reef: 

Info coming soon!