Fun Facts

Mustang Run Fun Facts

Stateline (Ghost town)

  1. 300 people lived in Stateline during the peak of the mining.
  2. The peak of the mining boom was in 1903.
  3. They mined for silver and gold.
  4. The town was there for 24 years before the silver and gold ran out – 1894 – 1918
  5. Stateline had two general stores, a hotel, two saloons, a blacksmith shop, a shoemaker and a restaurant and their own newspaper.


  1. The Mustangs were brought here by the Spanish explorers in the late 1500’s.
  2. The earliest written reference of Mustangs in Southwest Utah was from the journal of Father Escalante in 1776.
  3. The horses run free in the Sulphur Herd management area, which is approximately 142,800 acres.
  4.  The area is called the needles range and is 40 miles long.
  5. The Needle Mountain Range is comprised of two main peaks, the Mountain Home, and Indian Peaks.
  6.  The Bureau of Land Management has the responsibility to manage the wild horse population.
  7.  Dirt Road Uber assists the BLM with tours that allow riders to view the horses in their natural habitat.