UTV Tours: The Best Southern Utah Outdoor Activity

Southern Utah is known for many things, but the majority of them are outdoor activities. Because of the year-round great weather, the incredible landscapes, and an inviting atmosphere, the St. George area has come to be known as one of the absolute best places on Earth to hike, bike, swim, climb, run, etc. Southern Utah is virtually synonymous with outdoor activities. What is the absolute best one, though? Hiking in St George is certainly memorable, as is cycling. In our opinion, however, UTV tours take the cake for best available outdoor activity in Southern Utah, and we have reasons to back up our claim

We don’t expect to convert everyone to the belief that a UTV tour is the most worthwhile activity in the area, even more then hiking in St George. But we feel like our reasons are pretty convincing. First, you can cover more ground in an off-road vehicle than you can on foot, so the opportunity to see more and do more are expanded when taking a UTV tour. Second, clearly there are countless places and areas in Southern Utah that you just cannot get to on a bike, and some are even inaccessible on foot. But on a UTV, many of these places are accessible. On a UTV tour, you become more versatile when it comes to the types of terrain you can traverse. Many of the UTV adventure outfits in Springdale, UT, for example, specialize in taking their riders specifically to these types of places. And in the Gunlock/Ivins/Enterprise area that Dirt Road Uber specializes in, you better believe that there are tons of places like this. There are even some of them that we, the owners, haven’t even been to yet. That’s part of the fun of touring with Dirt Road Uber! Third, it’s an alternate activity that many people don’t have much experience with compared to walking or riding a bike. If you’re looking for something different than simply hiking in St George, a UTV tour is the perfect thing for you, especially if you consider yourself an outdoor person.

Visit our website today and book a UTV tour with us. We promise that you will have the most enjoyable, unique, and adventurous UTV experience in Southern Utah. We’ve specifically designed Dirt Road Uber for fun, adventure, and making friends. Come join us!

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UTV Tours: The Best Southern Utah Outdoor Activity

Hiking in St George

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