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St. George activities

4 Amazing Activities You Forgot You Could Do In St. George

St. George, UT has so many activities available that some just won’t get the spotlight. Here are some St. George activities you may have forgotten about.

UTV adventure

What Sets Dirt Road Uber Apart From The Others?

Dirt Road Uber is hands-down the most unique UTV adventure company in Southern Utah. You thought they were all pretty much the same? Think again.

outdoor adventures

Southern Utah: The Jackpot of Outdoor Adventures

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and are looking for a place where all outdoor adventures imaginable are readily available, Southern Utah is that place.

UTV tours

Top Reasons Why UTV Tours Are Awesome

UTV tours about as much fun as anything you can imagine. They are catching on like wildfire in the outdoor activity world, becoming more popular than ever.

St. George outdoor activities

St. George Outdoor Activities: A Primer to Adventure

St. George outdoor activities are in endless supply. Biking, hiking, live entertainment, off-road adventures – you name it, St. George can make it happen.

Southern Utah UTV tours

Southern Utah UTV Tours: The Outdoor Adventure You’ve Been Missing

Southern Utah UTV tours are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways that tourists and visitors spend their time when coming to town.

ATV tours

ATV Tours: 10 Reasons To Get Out and Ride

Although pure, unadulterated fun is the main reason ATV tours are worth it, there a lot of other reasons that are quite convincing.


Gunlock: A Short History of Washington County’s Earliest Settlement

Gunlock was Washington County’s earliest settlement. William “Gunlock” Hamblin and others were the first to build homes and cultivate land in the area.

off-road vehicles st. george utah

A Short History of Off-Road Vehicles

The history behind recreational off-roading is a lot more interesting than you might think. Click here to learn the original story of off-road vehicles.

atv maintenance

How to Address Abnormal Sounds Coming From Your ATV/UTV

Hearing abnormal clicks, hums, or grinds when you’re riding your off-road vehicle? Here are some ATV maintenance tips to pinpoint strange sounds.

utv maintenance

UTV Maintenance in Hot Weather

There are aspects of UTV maintenance that people living in hot-temperature parts of the world should pay particular attention to.

Zion National Park

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Zion National Park

Even though Zion National Park is a household name and has been for a very long time, there are still some things about it that fly under the radar.

utv transmission

The CVT: A Basic Explanation of Your UTV’s Transmission

It’s about time that you knew more about your UTV transmission. A large majority of off-road vehicles are equipped with what’s called a CVT.

utv maintenance tips

UTV Maintenance Tips: Adding LED Lights / Inspecting the Steering

In this edition of UTV maintenance tips, we address adding LED lights to your UTV as well as why checking your steering often is important.

utv towing

Some Helpful Info On Hauling & Towing With Your UTV

Even if you have a UTV that was made specifically for towing and hauling, there are still precautions that need to be taken. Click for UTV towing info.

southern utah

2 Fun Things To Do In Southern Utah That Locals Forget About

There are some activities in Southern Utah that sometimes fly under the radar, even with locals. Here we shed a bit of light on a couple of them.

utv care

How To Make Your UTV Last As Long As Possible

Being educated on proper UTV care is essential to any off-roading amateur or enthusiast. this article address air filters, belts, and axle boots.

southern utah scenic drive

3 Must-See Scenic Drives in Southern Utah

Here are three Southern Utah scenic drive recommendations that you should consider working into your upcoming trip itinerary.

southern ut

Southern Utah’s Fall Colors

Some of the best fall colors in the world are found in Southern UT. Set against red sandstone cliffs, the colors of all never looked better!

southern utah utv

5 Best Places in Southern Utah to Ride UTVs

In our opinion, there is no better place to ride UTVs than Southern Utah. Here are the five best locations for Southern Utah UTV riding.

southern utah adventure

4 Southern Utah Adventures For Those Who Don’t Like Crowds

Here are 4 of our favorite places for a Southern Utah adventure for those who have an aversion to crowds. You’re going to love these locations.

offseason utv tours

Off-Season UTV Tours: Minimal Crowds, Maximum Fun

Booking offseason UTV tours in Southern Utah is a very wise decision for a number of reasons. The weather, availability, and solitude are all ideal!

saint george utv tours

Dirt Road Uber: Take a Break from the World

Book Saint George UTV tours with Dirt Road Uber and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It will help you recalibrate your priorities.

utv owners

The Difference Between UTVs and ATVs

UTVs and ATVs are often understood to be the same thing. They’re not. Though many similarities exist, there are some major differences.

st george utv tour

Attention: Locals! UTV Tours Aren’t Just For Tourists

We need to get out and experience the adventures that are mere miles from our homes, and a St George Utah UTV tour is a great way to begin.

saint george utv

The Best Date Activity Ever

There isn’t a better date activity than riding a Saint George UTV with the guys at Dirt Road Uber. No one is better at showing folks good time than them.

utah utv rentals

Family in Town for Thanksgiving? Time for a UTV Tour!

Book Utah UTV rentals with Dirt Road Uber and you will turn an otherwise ordinary Thanksgiving into the most memorable one your family has ever had.

hiking in st george

UTV Tours: The Best Southern Utah Outdoor Activity

Hiking in St George is great, but going on a UTV tour in Southern Utah is, in our opinion, the absolute best outdoor activity available in the area.

things to do in st george ut

Things To Do In St George UT

Here are some of the great things to do in St George UT that you just have to experience, especially if you live in the area.

rzr rentals utah

More Things To Do In St George UT

The list of things to do in St George UT is endless! Next time you visit, try Rzr rentals Utah, see a show at Tuacahn or hike Kanarraville Falls!

snow canyon state park tours

Tours In & Around Snow Canyon State Park

Of all the Snow Canyon State Park tours, the very best one in the area is a UTV tour with Dirt Road Uber! The most enjoyable way to experience the area.

utv rentals

What Makes Dirt Road Uber Unique?

There are a select few UTV companies that set themselves apart with unique features, and Dirt Road Uber is definitely one of those.

rent a utv

Happy New Year From Dirt Road Uber!

Whether we take you on a UTV tour or you decide to rent a UTV, it is all of you who make this dream of ours possible and we cannot thank you enough. Here’s to a fantastic 2018!

utah atv rental moab

UTV Trail Recommendations: 7-Mile Rim Trail

One of the best off-road trails you’ll ever experience is the 7-Mile Rim Trail in Moab. Travel to Moab and experience a Utah ATV rental or a UTV tour in this incredible area.

utv rentals st george ut

Why St. George is the Best Place For UTV Rentals

Southern Utah is the best place for off-roading. Period. UTV rentals St George UT is one of the best activities any outdoor enthusiast can have.

utv rentals utah

Tour Spotlight: The Coffee Run

Though we’re best known for our UTV rentals Utah, one of our most favorite things to do is The Coffee Run, the tour option where we pick you up for a cup before hitting the trails!

utv rentals ut dirt road uber

Tour Spotlight: The Gunlock Loop

The Gunlock Loop is one our favorite and most popular tours. We’ve divided it into three different routes so that everyone will get exactly what they want.

utah utv rentals dirt road uber

Tour Spotlight: Mustang Run / Enterprise Surprise / Sunrise-Sunset Tower

The three tours described here include seeing wild horses in their natural habitat, herds of mule deer, and views of Zion National Park and Pine Valley Mountain at sunrise.

utv rentals st george utah

The Kawasaki Teryx: Our UTV of Choice

The Kawasaki Teryx is our UTV of choice because we love the adventure and the exploration aspect of riding more than straight thrill-chasing, and that’s what this vehicle does best!

You Want Good Old-Fashioned Fun? Call Dirt Road Uber!

Of all the UTV tours available, in Utah Dirt Road Uber is hands-down the most unique and most original of them all. I mean, how many companies will pick you up from your house in a UTV?