Offseason UTV Tours: Minimal Crowds, Maximum Fun

With the Winter months approaching, it means that it’s that time of year where we remind everyone of the fact that off-roading is arguably better during this time of year! With the level of UTV popularity growing every year, it’s important to remember that the majority of folks haven’t yet figured out that by booking offseason UTV tours, you avoid the crowds, the waits, and the heat. Southern Utah has incredible offseason weather and the landscapes look slightly different compared to the summer months which add an alternate degree of newness and excitement. All the UTV adventure companies including Dirt Road Uber are open for business year-round and, if we may say so ourselves, this is the most advantageous time to book a tour. Here are the reasons why.


It’s understood that when you book vacations or other activities outside of the peak months, you’re bound to experience decreased amounts of fellow travelers. Knowing this, you would think that more people would flock to a place like Southern Utah to beat the crowds. Where particular holidays or a select few activities are concerned, this does end up being the case. But where UTVs are concerned, only a particular group of very intelligent people have caught on. When you book winter UTV tours, you don’t have to wait or book for in advance. In most cases, next-day tours are the reality.


The weather in Southern Utah during winter months is one of the main reasons people want to live here, and why tens of thousands of people have vacation homes here. By booking offseason UTV tours, you’re taking advantage of the area for the same reason full and part-time residents are. The lightly crisp mornings and the perfect afternoons and evenings. This is prime weather of off-roading in any form.


For us at Dirt Road Uber, this is the main reason riding UTVs in Southern Utah (especially out in the Gunlock-and-beyond area where we ride) is the absolute best. Booking offseason UTV tours with us allows us to really show you this incredible area in the best possible environment – alone. Alone in the wilderness with nothing but our machine and our friends is our definition of a great day. When we stop at viewpoints, all you can hear are the sound of nature around you. Rarely is there ever another vehicle or soul in sight. You truly feel like your blazing new trails and having the best time of your life.


We hope that we’ve persuaded you that booking offseason UTV tours is a very wise decision for a number of reasons. Visit today and let us know what day you want to come out with us!

offseason utv tours

Minimal Crowds, Maximum Fun

Offseason UTV Tours