Our Tours

The Coffee Run

This is for the traveler who often times waits for their significant other to get ready for the day. If you are like us, we like to get up early and explore new surroundings, grab a cup and see what this day has to offer. Go someplace new, or even just drive around talking and seeing what you can see and enjoy the company.

Mustang Run

This is one of our signature rides where we guarantee you’ll see wildlife. You’re likely to see elk, deer, antelope, coyotes, eagles, and 95% of our tours see Utah’s wild horses. The landscape provides a beautiful backdrop to view the wildlife. The trails are mostly in good shape, although we may take off on a side road adventure to better view the wildlife.  You will be able to see 360 degrees from inside our Kawasaki Teyrx UTV’s.

ATV tours

Sunrise/Sunset Tower

Sunrise Trip begins about an hour before sunrise. We will set out at a pretty brisk pace as we head up the mountain to what will seem like the top of the world. As we climb you will see an unbelievably beautiful look at Zion National Park, Pine Valley Mountain, and St.George, as the eastern sky starts to lighten up as the sun tries to make it over the horizon.

The Gunlock Loop

We can take you from 2 1/2 to 6 + hours on this scenic trail. You will see, what we think is, the best Southern Utah has to offer. Often times you will be all alone on the trail – feeling a personal touch with nature. You will be able to glide along on sand, climb on rocks, see Jackson Peak, Indian writing if you choose to, an Indian birthing cave, astounding red rock formations,  and our own arch.

UTV tours

Enterprise Surprise

This trail/ride can also be creative and organized to fit any schedule or time frame, ranging from a short four-hour ride to a longer seven to eight-hour ride. For the shorter rides we will provide water and snacks and for the longer rides we can furnish anything from a sack lunch, or hot dog roast, to Dutch Oven dinners.

Custom Tours

Our custom tours are a great way to personalize your experience with us. You can customize a featured tour or go on a unique tour involving a new location and other customizable variables.