Happy New Year From Dirt Road Uber!

Happy New Year from Dirt Road Uber! We are very excited for the beginning of 2018 which will represent our first full 12-month year as an organization. 2017 treated us very well as a new company and we are poised for an even better 2018. Many of you deserve a thank you from us for participating in our vision and experiencing the backcountry of Southern Utah with us. We are beyond passionate about the area of the world where we have chosen to take our customers and are looking forward to showing it to many of you, whether it will be your first time or tenth time! Whether we take you on a UTV tour or you decide to rent a UTV, it is all of you who make this dream of ours possible and we cannot thank you enough.

In all seriousness, we wish all of you who follow us a wonderful 2018 and we hope that this new year ends up being one of your best yet. If you need some help with creating a list of New Year’s resolutions, we have a great idea! Put “UTV tour with Dirt Road Uber” near the top. This is a really good idea because going on a Southern Utah UTV tour will help you accomplish all of your other New Years resolutions in an indirect way. Experiencing firsthand the beauty that the Southern Utah country offers – and doing so in a UTV – has a purifying effect that helps set your mind right (in addition to being incredibly fun) and will assist you in focusing on what is truly important. Being outside in the wide, beautiful world can have this effect, as you probably know. And you better believe that here at Dirt Road Uber, we know what it takes to squeeze every last drop out of this experience. If you rent a UTV from us, we promise to give you one of the best outdoor adventure experiences you’ve had.

In preparation for a great year, visit dirtroaduber.com and browse the many different tours that we offer or decide to rent a UTV from us. If all options sound good, give us a call and we would love to chat with you about them so you can decide which one you want to try first. We love the outdoors, conversation, meeting new people, and having as much fun as we can possibly have and we would love to bring you on an incredible excursion where we check all four of those boxes. Here is to a fantastic 2018!

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Happy New Year From Dirt Road Uber!

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