Dirt Road Uber: Take a Break from the World

Life is stressful. You’ve got a lot on your plate considering all the responsibilities that you have to deal with every day: working, parenting, housework, etc. You need a break, but not the kind of break where you sit in front of a screen and binge-watch. How much does that really help you, in the long run, get rid of anxiety and pressure? The answer is very little. The kind of break we’re talking about is a constructive one, one that legitimately purges your mind and brings you back to reality, to what’s really important in life. This kind of break involves getting outside and having an experience away from the city, away from the lights, traffic, and crowds. Dirt Road Uber provides a unique adventure experience that checks all of these boxes as they take their riders on an exploration of the Southwestern Utah wilderness on Saint George UTV tours.

If you’ve ever been to the Southwestern Utah (specifically the areas of Ivins, Gunlock, and on into Enterprise), you know how suddenly disconnected it seems to be from the nearby larger cities of St. George and Washington. No structures, no street lights, just a huge expanse of land that carries with it all of the beautiful characteristics that have made the landscapes of Southern Utah so well-known. This area, in particular, substitutes sand dunes (which are plentiful in So. Utah) for a mountain wilderness terrain that still includes the plentiful red rock and colorful sandstone that is the staple of this part of the world. It’s a stunning area that gets very little foot and all-terrain vehicle traffic compared to other popular areas such as Sand Hollow State Park or Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. It’s incredibly serene and surprisingly silent and is a perfect environment to get away from it all.

Dirt Road Uber’s utilization of this area is based solely on the fact that they love it. They love the outdoors; this specific area of Southern Utah in particular. They know the area extremely well. But a great aspect of what they do for their patrons involves exploring trails and areas that they, in fact, have never been to before. Reaching further out into the expanse of land is something they absolutely thrive on. For their riders, this adds a unique and adventurous element to their Saint George UTV tours. They consciously do this on their tours so that their riders have an altogether different trip than they would get with any other Southern Utah UTV adventure company. They certainly know how to set themselves apart.

In addition to all of this, the group of old-timers who conceived and run Dirt Road Uber are all about friendship, conversation, and having a good time. If anyone knows how to get your mind off of the rat race, it’s these guys. They’re good guys who love being outside and experiencing nature as opposed to being cooped up in an office all day. Give them a call and be reminded that there are more important things than chasing dollar bills and moving up the corporate ladder. It really is amazing what cruising in a UTV through the Southern Utah wilderness can do to the mind and heart.

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Take a Break from the World

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