4 Southern Utah Adventures For Those Who Don’t Like Crowds

Southern Utah hotspots like Sand Hollow Reservoir or Zion National Park are certainly fantastic places to go and have an adventure, but you can pretty much count on having to wade through throngs of people to some degree while your there. If you’re like us, there aren’t many things worse than crowds. There are people out there who love bumping into other tourists while they’re on vacation because, to them, it’s part of the whole experience that they enjoy. Not us. At Dirt Road Uber, we like quiet landscapes and the natural sounds of the local wildlife all around us. Not that we don’t like people, we just don’t like too many of them at one time, especially if we’re on vacation or holiday. If this describes you, then you’re going to like the short list we’ve compiled for you. Here are 4 of our favorite places for a Southern Utah adventure for those who have an aversion to crowds.

Biking some of the lesser-known trails in and around Moab

Moab has a lot more than just the incredible (and very difficult) Slickrock Trail. This area has countless trails that cover any level of expertise, beginner to professional. The Bar M Loop is amazing and would probably fall into the intermediate range. It’s not downhill, but it is somewhat cross-country. With a small exception of some low-level technicality, you mostly just cruise along. It’s a fantastic trail. Another area with a lot of great trails for varying skill levels is found in Dead Horse Point State Park. The chances of you running into a bunch people in these places are minimal, particular in Dead Horse Point.

Canyoneering outside but nearby Zion

In case you don’t know what canyoneering is, it’s an adventure activity that involves hiking and exploring with some problem-solving thrown in as well. It’s an exhilarating activity and if you haven’t tried it you really should make an effort to, at least once. Rain and flash floods alter the shape and size of canyons on a yearly basis so canyoneering, even in the same place more than once, can offer new scenery and problems to solve. Like a lot of other outdoor activities, the difficulty level varies depending on where you go. Inside Zion National Park, there are a lot of great spots to cannoneer, but there are just as many equally great places just outside the Park where you likely won’t see very many people as most people will be inside the Zion boundaries. Contact any of the adventure companies located in Springdale and they can suggest many places to go, and they can even take you there themselves on a guided tour (which is the recommended way to do it if you’ve never been canyoneering before).

Moab rock climbing

Outside Moab is a place called Indian Creek that has incredible rock climbing. Though the adventure companies in Moab have lots of experience taking people here on guided tours, it doesn’t see anywhere near the traffic that areas in Moab do. If you like rock climbing and would prefer not to share the space with a bunch of other people, this is an awesome option. The smooth and polished red rock of Moab is a sight to see if you haven’t been there.

UTV tours northwest of St. George

Dirt Road Uber takes visitors on the best, most unique off-road Southern Utah adventure around. Out past Ivins near Gunlock (and beyond), these outdoorsmen chose the more mountainous and forested areas to drive their UTVs rather than the traditionally popular sand dunes landscape. This area is so beautiful and with Dirt Road Uber, there’s a much stronger feeling of exploration and adventure. Sometimes they literally will take passengers on trails they’ve never been before. It’s a great time.

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4 Southern Utah Adventures For Those Who Don’t Like Crowds

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