Southern Utah UTV Tours: The Outdoor Adventure You’ve Been Missing

Southern Utah is considered one of the best places in the world to visit for outdoor enthusiasts. The reasons why could fill up multiple articles, but for now, it suffices to simply say that the activity options are virtually endless. In a place where so many fun and thrilling activities are available for the choosing, it isn’t any wonder that some of them sometimes get overlooked and some more than others. One of those that at one point was severely overlooked but as of late is becoming more and more popular are UTV tours. UTVs (utility vehicles) are similar to ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) in many ways, but with differences that include a bit more interior space and a slightly altered design, as well as a few features of its own. A handful of UTV and ATV touring companies have sprung up and have been taking vacationers and locals out for incredible outdoor adventures across both mountain and sandy terrains out here in Southern Utah. It’s about time that Southern Utah UTV tours get the recognition that they deserve and that more people start taking advantage of these incredible opportunities that are truly one-of-a-kind.

There are Southern Utah UTV tour companies that focus on different areas of Southern Utah allowing patrons who prefer sand dunes over the mountains – and vice versa – to take their pick. If you prefer your UTV tour to involve speed and thrills, then perhaps the companies in and around Hurricane and Sand Hollow State Park are the ones for you. But if you prefer more mountainous and forested terrain and are more inclined to explore, adventure, and blaze new trails, then the tours in around Ivans and Gunlock Reservoir may be the choice for you. This is one of the great things about Southern Utah UTV tours in particular compared to those in other areas of the state (and even in other states altogether), the fact that there are so many different options.

The guides that lead the Southern Utah UTV tours are all very experienced, very professional, and very personable. But the fact that they have Southern Utah landscapes at their disposal makes it that much easier for them to provide an incredible adventure. Careening up and down shiny sand dunes, driving through slot canyons, climbing smooth rock faces, hiking (on wheels) forested trails and mountainous pathways, all the while with the wind in your face and the crisp desert and mountain air all around you. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Kids and adults alike all love these Southern Utah UTV tours. You can fit up to 4 people in some of the machines that are offered so you and your friends and family can enjoy the day with you, making it even more enjoyable.

As previously mentioned, there are multiple companies that operate these tours in the greater St. George area and surrounding cities, all of them striving to provide the most fun, most memorable experience imaginable. But Dirt Road Uber is the newest and most unique option available.

Southern Utah UTV tours

Southern Utah UTV Tours: The Outdoor Adventure You’ve Been Missing

Southern Utah UTV Tours