2 Fun Things To Do In Southern Utah That Locals Forget About

For some time now, Southern Utah has been on the national tourism radar in a big way. Over time, this beautiful part of the country has made a name for itself in more ways then one where outside visitors are concerned. Once hailed primarily as a warm and sunny place to retire, Southern Utah is now considered one of the adventure capitols of the United States. It’s not just the elderly that are coming here during the winter months to stay in their second home anymore. People of all ages are coming here year round to experience more outdoor activity options than you can shake a stick at. And the majority of these activities are top quality when compared to the world’s best and most similar locations. Between the majesty of Zion National Park (not to mention all the other state parks in Southern Utah), the ideal weather, and the famous desert landscapes, Mother Nature has created the perfect environment for fun in the sun, as well as all the means necessary to have the time of your life. But still, there are some activities and areas here that sometimes fly under the radar, even with locals. Here we shed a bit of light on a couple of them.

UTV tours

Over the course of the last decade, UTV riding has become considerably more popular then it has been. UTV sales have gone through the roof in recent years as consumers are coming to realize how incredibly fun it is! Southern Utah is the perfect place you can imagine to rev up a UTV. In fact, there are a many UTV (and ATV) adventure companies in the area capitalizing on the fortunate UTV-friendly geography. While many of them focus on the sand dune areas of Southern Utah (Sand Hollow, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, etc), don’t forget about Dirt Road Uber who operates on the other side of town near Gunlock. It’s a truly incredible experience that’s more about exploration and adventure through mountainous terrain compared to the push for thrill and excitement on the sand that is common among most UTV tour outfits. Dirt Road Uber is highly recommended.

Fun in the Virgin River

For some reason, the Virgin River seems to be mostly associated with only Zion National Park, when in fact if flows right through St. George and nearby Hurricane and has dozens upon dozens of access points along the way, even residential access points that are right up against suburban neighborhoods. If you know where to go, you can wade in some pretty deep water, crawl under waterfalls, and more! Bring your dogs, your skim boards, your fishing rods, your pales and shovels, and of course your swim trunks. Not enough local people take advantage of the fun to be had essentially right outside there front door with the Virgin River!


These are only two of a potentially lengthy list of similar items that could be made. But hopefully, this gets your idea juices flowing and adds a couple more items to your weekend itinerary.

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2 Fun Things To Do In Southern Utah That Locals Forget About

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