4 Amazing Activities You Forgot You Could Do In the St. George Area

St. George, UT is known for its red rock landscapes, pleasant year-round weather, and its ability to provide outdoor enthusiasts with an incredible array of options. It’s a wonderful destination location for people looking for fun-in-the-sun activities and picturesque spots to relax and unwind. Still, even among the city’s most well-known attractions and the plethora of nearby landmarks and state/national parks, there are places and things that don’t get quite as much attention. Here are some amazing St. George activities that you may not have known about.

Hot air balloon rides

St. George is one of three cities that Utah-based Skywalker Balloon Company operates from. They take passengers on group, private, or commercial hot air balloon rides that last approximately 1 hour and allow you to see airborne views of St. George, Snow Canyon State Park, The Gorge, Zion National Park, and more. Ages four and up are admitted and up to ten people can board a single balloon. This is certainly among the most underrated of St. George activities and is an incredible experience.

Mountain trail UTV tours

The mountain (rather than a sand dune) description is being made here because we’re referring to a fantastic company called Dirt Road Uber that takes its customers on UTV tours through the mountainous northwestern area of St. George, near Gunlock Reservoir. The majority of UTV adventure companies in Southern Utah focus on sand dune landscapes around Sand Hollow and Coral Pink State Parks. Dirt Road Uber, on the other hand, focuses on an area that is separate and unique from the others. This allows for a more personal, isolated, and exploratory experience that is decidedly different from what you’d get otherwise. It’s likely that you’ll be the only off-road vehicle in sight for miles. See wild horses, ancient Indian locations, and a whole lot more.

Helicopter rides

Zion Helicopters offers multiple aerial tours varying in length and location, but as you can imagine, you can’t go wrong with any of them. The professional pilots are also impressively knowledgeable tour guides. Their headquarters are only 15 minutes from St. George in Hurricane, UT making it easily accessible for tourists visiting St. George or any of the surrounding vacation cities such as Springdale.

Swimming/tubing/skimboarding in the Virgin River

The Virgin River – the river that’s largely responsible for what we know as Zion Canyon – flows directly through the city of St. George and beyond. There are river spots all over the city that are great for tubing, swimming, skim boarding, and any other water activity you can think of that can be done in relatively shallow water. Bring your dog, picnic supplies, shovel and pail, water shoes, hiking shoes, frisbee, or any other item associated with whatever riverside fun you want to have. The Virgin River provides so many St. George activities.


If a complete list could truly be made of all the fun things to be done in St. George, it would be incredibly long! The St. George area is a wonderful place with endless amounts of enjoyment available, no matter what your preferences are.

St. George activities

4 Amazing Activities You Forgot You Could Do In the St. George Area

St. George activities