St. George Outdoor Activities: A Primer to Adventure

St. George, UT is considered by many to be the Mecca of outdoor activities. It seems that this particular area of the world was cosmically constructed for the express purpose of providing fun, enjoyment, and sunshine to anyone and everyone who venture through. Millions of tourists visit Southern Utah every single year, many of them returners, to take advantage of all of the incredible St. George outdoor activities that this place has to offer. The consistently warm weather, the lack of snowfall, the stunning geography, and the obscene amount of activity choices render St. George, UT about as perfect a place as you can imagine if you are someone who prefers the outdoors. Here are a just a few of the opportunities that are waiting for you here in sunny St. George.

Endless biking trails

St. George is chock full of biking trails, and of every variety that you can imagine. If you visit the official website of the St. George Area of Commerce, they officially list and detail 49 official bike trails! Incredible! Of all the St. George outdoor activities, biking, in all its various forms, it certainly one of the most popular. There a multiple bike shops in town that can provide you with anything and everything you would ever need as far as biking is concerned. If you prefer paved trails, mountain trails, or no trails, St. George is the place to be for endless biking experiences.

Hiker’s paradise

Like hiking? Then St. George is going to be your new favorite destination. This beautiful city not only has countless hiking options within the city limits, but when you combine those with all the hikes available in the surrounding areas, you will be astounded. Just in the area between the city of St. George and Zion National Park you would have enough hikes to last you years and years of return visits. Zion is of course one of the most incredible and well-known hiking destinations in the world, and St. George is less than an hour away. Calling all hikers! If you haven’t been here before, get it on your calendar.

Outdoor theater

You may not have been expecting theater to be on this list of St. George outdoor activities, but it would be disastrous if we left it off because St. George is home to one of the most prestigious equity theaters in the western United States. Tuacahn Amphitheater is one of the most unique and amazing theater experiences that you will ever have. Set against the red rock backdrop of Southern Utah – literally – the natural beauty of desert landscapes surround you as you watch Broadway-calibre productions with incredible special effects and professional actors and actresses. This is without a doubt one the signature St. George outdoor activities.

ATV tours

There is no experience in the world like sailing over silky-smooth sand dunes or lush mountain trails behind the wheel of a state-of-the-art ATV. Choose between a single or multiple-seat machine and get your adventure juices flowing cruising through Southern Utah backcountry with the wind blowing in your face. This is becoming one of the more popular St. George outdoor activities of locals and visitors alike.


These four options should definitely get your curiosity pumping and increase your excitement about visiting St. George, UT. Remember that the four activities listed here are just a handful of the dozens and dozens of things to do here in St. George. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what experiences you’ve had, or what your skill levels are. This is the place to come for anyone who prefers the outdoors.

St. George outdoor activities

St. George Outdoor Activities: A Primer to Adventure

St. George Outdoor Activities