You Want Good Old-Fashioned Fun? Call Dirt Road Uber!

What are your most favorite outdoor activities to do in Southern Utah? That can be a very hard question to answer given that there are so many incredible things to do here. The St. George area has hiking, biking, climbing, repelling, boating, swimming, waterskiing, cliff jumping, kayaking, golfing, hot air ballooning, and a lot more. The very best one, however, is St George Utah UTV tours. For sheer excitement, memorability, and adventure, nothing beats hitting the Southern Utah backcountry in an off-road vehicle, blazing new trails with the wind in your hair, riding alongside people you care about. On St George Utah UTV tours, you will see things that you would never get to see in a road vehicle. UTVs have the capabilities to take you places that are just amazing, places that you didn’t even know existed right here in the St. George area! And what may be even more surprising to you is that a whole bunch of these amazing places that we’re referring to is found in the backcountry of Ivins, Gunlock, and Enterprise. Sure, Hurricane and Sand Hollow are great and offer a really fun time, but the particular section of Southern Utah that Dirt Road Uber specializes in feels more secluded and contains landscapes that you aren’t going to see on the sand dunes where the majority of St George Utah UTV tours and ATV rental companies in Utah set up shop. Dirt Road Uber has found what could be considered a secret, an area of our beautiful state that truly allows riders to feel like they are exploring the countryside and going places that hardly anyone has been before.

With Dirt Road Uber, you will see some of the most incredible things, many of them unexpected, such as wild horses roaming the countryside! It will take your breath away. They will take you to ancient Native American birthing caves, allowing you to hike a little bit in addition to riding in the vehicles. They’ll show certain locations where shards of arrowheads lie on the ground as well as carving stones used to carve the arrowheads to a point many years ago. The guys of Dirt Road Uber are full of information, all sorts of history, fun facts, and exciting true stories about the area (and about themselves). These longtime friends are just out there to have a good time because they love being in the outdoors, they love meeting new people and making new friends, they love a good conversation, and they love sharing what they are most passionate about – the outdoors – with anyone who sits next to them. Going on St George Utah UTV tours with the boys of Dirt Road Uber will provide you with one of the most fun days you’ve had in a long time (or ever!).

One of the most popular of their St George Utah UTV tours is one where they pick you up from your house (yes, you heard that correctly) early in the morning and take you out for coffee before you head out to the trailhead where you begin your adventure. Have you ever heard of anything like that? Certainly not among any other company that offers St George Utah UTV tours, that’s for sure. These guys are out to have a good time and they want to take you with them.

Visit Dirt Road Uber today and browse the various tours routes they offer and select the one that sounds like the most fun to you and your group. You can book your tour right from the site. The site also includes fun facts about the area as well as an article page where you can find posts on all sorts of different topics, all relevant to St George Utah UTV tours. See you soon!

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You Want Good Old-Fashioned Fun? Call Dirt Road Uber!

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