Things To Do In St George UT

The St. George, UT area is chock full of amazing things to do. The funny thing about this, however, is that too many Southern Utah residents don’t do hardly any of them! It’s the tourists and visitors that have most of the fun while a much smaller percentage of locals actually venture out into their own backyard and have an adventure! Come on, all you Southern Utah people! You live in one of the most incredible places on Earth and many of you are missing much of what it has to offer. Here are some things to do in St George UT that you just have to experience, especially if you live in the area.

Zion National Park

This one is obvious to many of you, but you may be surprised how many local St George area residents have never been to Zion, or at least haven’t been for years. Zion National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the Nation, and for good reason. Its beauty is unmatched and the number of amazing things to do inside is off the charts. There are many reasons why close to 5 million visitors come to Springdale every year, but not enough locals contributing to that number. Plan an hour (or less) drive to Springdale and have a Zion adventure. Even if your preferred adventure is a relaxing walk on a beautiful trail, Zion has plenty of those. This might be at the top of the list of things to do in St George UT.

UTV Tours

People travel from all around to cruise the sand dunes and the mountain trails in off-road vehicles. Southern Utah is about as perfect a place for UTV riding as there is anywhere. There are a number of UTV adventure companies in town, such as Dirt Road Uber out near Ivins, and they are all very experienced and really know how to show folks a good time. A UTV tour is some of the most fun you’ll ever have.

Temple Grounds

The LDS temple in St George, UT was the very first one ever completed in Mormon history. It is a historical landmark and an incredibly beautiful structure, especially during Christmas time when tens of thousands of bulbs light up the property. Religious or not, visiting the temple grounds is a wonderful experience.


We’ll continue this list next week and continue to share with you the amazing things to do in St George, UT.

things to do in st george ut

Things To Do In St George UT

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