Tour Spotlight: Mustang Run / Enterprise Surprise / Sunrise-Sunset Tower

Continuing our UT UTV rentals article series spotlighting each and every one of our amazing tours, this time we are going to bundle together three tours in one article and tell you about each of them, one by one. All of our tours were scouted out and arranged meticulously so that we could provide every one of our riders with the perfect ride suited to them. The three we’re going to talk about here are the Mustang Run, the Enterprise Surprise, and the Sunrise-Sunset Tower. All three amazing, all three unique.

The Mustang Run

We like to refer to this one as one of our signature rides because we take you to an area that, as far as we know, very few people know about. And we can say with confidence that you are guaranteed to see wildlife on this tour; and some spectacular wildlife at that. We’re talking eagles, coyotes, antelope, deer, elk, and the big one: wild horses. We can assure you that there is a 95% chance of seeing some wild horses. It is sure to be one of the most amazing things you’ve ever seen! It will take your breath away. Seeing these incredible animals in their natural habitat is just awe-inspiring. That is why we’ve created a specific tour around this particular location. We’ll make sure to take you to some money photography spots so that you can save the memories forever. This tour lasts around 8-9 hours and is one of our longest excursions. Only 4-5 of those hours will be driving. The rest will be getting out and exploring on foot and taking pictures. The drive out to where the horses are is phenomenal. Make sure to bring shoes to hike in (tennis shoes will work) and a jacket and hat, beanie, or hoodie. Dressing in layers is recommended as well. Some parts of the trail are dusty so plan on getting some dirt on you! The cost for The Mustang Run is $650 per UTV and includes 1 to 3 riders. We consider this one of the best tours that any UT UTV rentals company offers.

The Enterprise Surprise

This extremely enjoyable UT UTV rentals tour is designed to be customizable so that your ride can be anywhere from 4 hours to 8 hours depending on your preference. You’ll likely see some mule deer as we drive through gorgeous pinion pine and large oak brush. Snack food and water bottles will be provided by us for the shorter tours closer to four hours. But on the longer tours, you’ll be in for a treat! Depending on what you want, we’ll cook dutch oven dinners or we can all roast hot dogs together! Or if you would prefer a sack lunch of some kind we will provide that as well. Sounds fun, yeah?! Oh, it is. The price for this tour is $400 per vehicle (1 to 3 riders) for the 4-hour tour and the price goes up from there as you add hours on to the excursion.

The Sunrise-Sunset Tower

As you can guess from its name, this is an early-morning or late-night tour. Utah Hill is the beginning point and we typically start around an hour before sunrise as we traverse some steep climbs to some of the most fantastic overlooks you’ll ever experience. The spots we’ll take you will give you amazing views of the city of St. George, Pine Valley Mountain, and Zion. The sunrise (or sunset) accents the sights and turns them into stunningly beautiful landscapes, even more beautiful than they already are. $350 per vehicle for this tour which will last about 3-4 hours.


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Tour Spotlight: Mustang Run / Enterprise Surprise / Sunrise-Sunset Tower

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