UTV Trail Recommendations: 7-Mile Rim Trail

Moab, considered by most to still be part of Southern Utah, is located near the eastern border of the State and is between a 4 and 5-hour drive from St. George. From a tourism perspective, It is certainly one of the most visited cities in Utah on an annual basis. Similar in landscape and scenery to the St. George area, Moab is an outdoorsperson’s paradise and has a lot in common with Zion National Park where activity options are concerned, even though it’s closer to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Utah ATV rental is popular here as well as hiking, biking, and climbing, among others. One thing this place has in abundance are awesome UTV trails and one of the absolute best is called 7-Mile Rim Trail.

Similar to Zion Canyon in that during the winter months the tourism and activities slow down a bit, but one activity that can be comfortably and easily done no matter what the season is in Southern Utah is off-roading, and Moab is no exception (and you can usually get cheaper hotel fare during these off-season months when staying there). Traveling to Moab for a UTV tour or Utah ATV rental during the winter month yields a decidedly more intimate experience if that sounds nice to you. It certainly does to us.

The 7-Mile Rim Trail sees riders year-round driving all sorts of off-road vehicles, including side-by-sides, Jeeps, UTVs, and a lot more. If there is snow on the ground when you go, you will be treated to some of the most incredible, contrasting landscapes of varying colors as the untouched white snow lies against striking buttes of red and orange rock. It is phenomenal to see. If you are a photographer, this place during this time of year needs to be on your list of locations to visit, without a doubt. There are UTV tour companies stationed there to take you on an adventure, or you can bring your own vehicle. 7-Mile Rim Trail is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, wintertime off-road trail in Moab.

The trail was originally formed many years ago may uranium miners that initially acted as roads. You’ll cross in an out of federal and state lands when you cruise this trail. The terrain is very diverse and includes slick rock, sandy hills, wash bottoms, and two-track dirt roads. Even in the winter, it is possible that you will see some cows, coyotes, and rabbits during your journey. The trail is incredibly scenic with some amazing views, including those of Determination Towers, Monitor Butte, Merrimac Butte, and Uranium Arch. Don’t forget to bring snow boots and more than one layer of clothing to stay warm and protected.

This year, definitely put this trail on your list of places to go on a UTV tour or experience a Utah ATV rental. It is an amazing place that you will absolutely love.

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UTV Trail Recommendations: 7-Mile Rim Trail

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