What Makes Dirt Road Uber Different From Other UTV Adventure Companies?

It’s been said that there are two types of vacationers: those who want to do it all and those who want to get away from it all. But what if there was an option where you could do both? Imagine a vacation activity where you could go somewhere you wouldn’t have to worry about constantly bumping shoulders with other tourists, waiting in lines, and making reservations, while at the same time doing something amazing? A place like this exists in Southern Utah, slightly northwest of St. George near Gunlock reservoir. A group of lifelong friends have long recognized the unique beauty of this particular area and decided it was time to really share it with the world. Dirt Road Uber takes patrons on a picture-perfect UTV adventure through the largely untapped landscapes surrounding the Ivins, Gunlock, and Enterprise areas of Southern Utah.

Mountains rather than sand dunes

Dirt Road Uber substitutes the sand dunes of the Hurricane, UT area (which is most commonly utilized by UTV adventure companies in Southern Utah) for the mountains of Pine Valley, providing a wholly unique and totally different experience for those choosing a UTV tour as their preferred activity. Sand dunes are certainly spectacular in their own right, but traversing the mountainous terrain where Dirt Road Uber sets up shop allows the rider to see a much wider variety of scenery; everything from sprawling red rock formations and lush forests to craggy terrain and bush-covered land.

True feeling of exploration

Because of the fact that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see any other person during your tour with Dirt Road Uber, you really get the feeling that you’re blazing trails and exploring the backcountry. While many other tourists and visitors are hiring UTV/ATV touring companies in the sand dune area near Sand Hollow Reservoir, trailing closely behind the machine in front of them, with Dirt Road Uber there won’t be another soul in sight and you will wait for no one. Some of the areas they take you to really feel like no one has been there for ages.

Friendship and conversation

The gentlemen (they’ll hate that I used that word) of Dirt Road Uber are like that nice neighbor you once had who you loved talking to whenever you happened to catch each other outside. You know, the one who would do anything for you at the drop of a hat while at the same time telling you that you needed to get your act together with his words of wisdom? By the end of your excursion, the Dirt Road Uber boys will be your close friend. They’ll make you laugh, tell you the best stories, and make you feel right at home. They love meeting new people and having a good time.

They know the backcountry

These guys didn’t learn about Southern Utah in a classroom. They’ve lived it. They’ve spent countless hours roaming the hills on their off-road vehicles to find the coolest and most beautiful routes imaginable out there, not to mention the endless amount of hours each one of them has spent individually in their lifetime in the out of doors have untold adventures. These guys know how to have a good time.


If you want to experience the most unique, the most personal, the most enjoyable, the most memorable UTV adventure around, let Dirt Road Uber show you how it’s done!

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What Makes Dirt Road Uber Different From Other UTV Adventure Companies?

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