How To Make Your UTV Last As Long As Possible

It goes without that saying that if you’ve purchased (or are thinking about purchasing) a UTV that you want it to last as long as possible. Buying an off-road vehicle is a considerable investment and you certainly want to get the most use out of it as you can. There are a lot of precautions that you can take to prevent functionality issues from occurring sooner than they otherwise would. Some of these helpful tips on UTV care are included in this article. You don’t have to be an expert on the internal workings of UTVs to accomplish the recommendations found here. We’ll cover air filters, belts, and axle boots.

Air Filters

One of the most important components of the motor on your UTV is the air filter. A clogged air filter causes a reduction in the amount air which results in your machine running “rich,” meaning that the engine is taking in less air and more fuel which can cause spark plug issues. You don’t want to risk your air filter leaking, so you must remember to seal the air filter’s surface. This ensures that the filter is securely seated in its proper place. This allows only clean air to enter the engine. Even particles as small as fine dust can cause wear and tear on the inside of your engine. Being aware of the status of your air filters is an essential aspect of UTV care.


Back in the day, machines driven by belts were less common. Today, however, they comprise the majority of UTVs. It’s very important that the belt (the component that causes motor power to move into the transmission) stays cool and dry. If you’re riding through deep water, this can cause the transmission to slip. When this occurs, the belt can receive burn damage (sometimes irreparable damage) as it makes contact with hot internal components. Make sure to quickly remove the UTV from the water and get the CVT box drained. Modern belt drives are usually located on the underside of the CVT box in the rear of the vehicle.

Axle Boots

When you are cruising the trails in your UTV, the CV axle boots can be damaged in many different ways if proper UTV care precautions aren’t taken. These boots have a very important function. On machines with independent suspension, the constant velocity joints for the rear and front axles are protected by these boots. If they become damaged and torn, the joints will be ruined. When this type of damage occurs, it is usually caused by trail trash, water, and mud that get up into the joint and grind it. Get into the habit of keeping a watchful eye on the boots and axles so that you can decrease the possibility of damaging them.


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How To Make Your UTV Last As Long As Possible

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