UTV Maintenance in Hot Weather

The UTV tour craze is certainly climbing in Southern Utah. Every day it seems to grow in popularity as more and more locals and tourists alike discover how great it is. Many people are making the transition of renting them from tour companies to buying one themselves. Few “toys” have the high level of both utility and recreational value than do UTVs. And since more people in Southern Utah are becoming off-road vehicle owners, it seems pertinent to get some geographically appropriate UTV maintenance tips out there to help educate owners and riders and hopefully increase the lifespan of these vehicles.

Cooling system

In our experience, the cooling system is one aspect of the UTV maintenance that is often overlooked or underestimated. It can’t be understated how absolutely imperative servicing and cleaning the cooling system is. While cruising through muddy landscapes, the mud gets caught in the radiator fins. When this happens, you really need to get into the habit of cleaning those fins before you take the vehicle out and hit the mud again. As far as cooling is concerned, the radiator is of the utmost importance. And mud isn’t the only terrain that requires cleaning post-ride. Gras, cattail, and straw can also get easily caught in the radiator fins if you drove through terrain that included any of those plants in abundance. The radiator’s ability to cool the engine down goes down drastically when it’s all covered in debris of some kind. You should always check the status of the radiator before hitting the trails.

Condition of the coolant

In addition to checking the radiator, it’s equally important to check your level of coolant as well as if it’s functioning properly. People often forget this because depending on what make and model of UTV you have, it often is not in plain sight. Living in a hot place like St. George makes checking the coolant even more important than it otherwise would be. It would be wise to buy a coolant tester from an auto shop. It will make your test all the more accurate. And of course, if it needs to be replaced, have a mechanic handle it to make sure it gets done professionally and properly.

Coolant replacement

Speaking of coolant, another habit you should make as a UTV owner (and as someone who takes their UTV maintenance seriously) is carrying an extra jug of coolant with you at all times. If you’re doing the majority of your UTV riding through the mud then you definitely need to start this habit. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when that time will come when you need to refill the coolant, and the last thing you want is to run out while out on a trail and not have any extra. There are a lot of different brands of coolant, some of which are made specifically for extreme conditions. You can get that kind if you want, but as long as you have some coolant with you, no matter what the brand, you should be fine in an emergency situation.

utv maintenance

UTV Maintenance in Hot Weather

UTV Maintenance