The Kawasaki Teryx: Our UTV of Choice

At Dirt Road Uber, we are more about having a fun and meaningful adventure with UTV rentals St George Utah as opposed to simply going as fast as we can for the thrill. This is one of the main reasons why the Kawasaki Teryx is so appealing to us. It is our UTV of choice and the model that all of our riders experience. Its design is very intentional in that it isn’t made for the riders who like to go berserk on the dunes seeking as many thrills as possible. It’s specifically made for hitting the trails rather than flying across the dunes. If you like trailblazing, stopping in the middle of nowhere for beautiful photos and food, and really feeling like your exploring the backcountry, the Teryx is the UTV for you, and it’s certainly the UTV for us. Here’s some explanation about this off-road vehicle that is perfect for UTV rentals St George Utah to get you more familiar with what you’ll be riding in when you come out with us. Time to get nerdy!

Bodywork & Cockpit

The Teryx actually looks quite a bit different since it’s 2016 remodel. Much bolder bodywork the front that is totally different from what it was before, including the hood which is now extremely simple to remove with more optimal locations for coolant tank, air filter box, and fuse box underneath. This redesign also added another LED headlight set with corresponding controls in the cab (off, low, and high settings). Experienced riders familiar with UTV rentals St George Utah will understand how beneficial it is to have the ability to utilize low and high beams simultaneously. Also, the controls on the dash are now easy to reach, as are the switch banks for accessories in the cockpit. A latch system with a handle was added to the glovebox and a rubber cover (and tilt feature) on the steering wheel as well. In addition to all of this, so many various features that once could only be altered and with tools can now be adjusted without them.

Power Specs

The engine on the new model is roughly the same and still allows for wonderful maneuverability through cumbersome terrain, which is one of our favorite characteristics of the Teryx. This centrally mounted, four-stroke, OHC, V-twin cylinder, liquid-cooled, 783cc engine with great torque delivery is perfect for what we do during UTV rentals St George Utah. The great EBS system in this machine is a great feature as well because it operates automatically when engaged in high drive mode which means you often don’t need to use the breaks as the machine will slow down on its own. This prevents grabbing and sliding. The combination of the high-quality transmission and the EBS system also allows you to comfortably conquer steep trails. The 4×4 system is selectable so you can choose between four or two-wheel drive. In case you encounter treacherous situations, the front locking differential can be helpful. The post-2016 models also improved the gears in that they are much quieter and run more smoothly due to their new helical design instead of the previous straight design.

Handles & Wheels

The steering on the Teryx is arguably its best feature. Hardly any feedback and smooth motion elevate the Teryx EPS (electronic power steering) to new heights. The steering on many off-road vehicles get heavy with locked front differential, but not this one. The wheels are either cast-aluminum or stamped steel, both 14 inches. The breaks on this machine are more important than the traction which is great for UTV rentals St George Utah.

What Can It Do

The Kawasaki Teryx is UTV technology at its finest, bringing together the best qualities of both utility and recreational camps. This model is a great one to get even you have no plans to go joyriding. The farm or job site is a great place for the Teryx as it has the ability to two 1,300 lbs with the help of its hitch receiver (2 inches). There is a lot of cargo space with two 48-gallon bins as well as a cargo bed that tilts that can handle 600 lbs. We could also mention the seats which are extremely comfortable with two handholds for the passenger. All in all, slick terrain and wooded areas are where the Kawasaki Teryx really stands out among its UTV counterparts. Fallen branches or pesky rocks are no problem when you’re riding in one of these. The next time you enjoy UTV rentals St George Utah with us, you’ll know more about our great machines.

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The Kawasaki Teryx: Our UTV of Choice

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