Tour Spotlight: The Gunlock Loop

One of our favorite and most popular tours, The Gunlock Loop never disappoints. We’ve divided this route into three different options so that the preference of any rider can be met while still taking in the beauty and adventure of this amazing trail. We’ll describe all three Gunlock Loop tour options below, but know that regardless of which option you end up going with, you are guaranteed to see certain amazing things. The highway is where we begin this tour. We proceed west through amazing petrified dunes, trails of orange sand, and gorgeous forests. Along the way, you will cross big sandstone formations and slopes that are somewhat steep, get to see ancient shards of rock utensils that were once used to carve arrowheads as well as ancient birthing caves full of petroglyphs. With Spring approaching, there’s a good chance (depending on the particular time that you come) that you will see the bloom of various desert flowers that are native to Southern Utah. All tours will venture to the rear side of Gunlock Reservoir by taking many exciting trails and washes, ending up in a secretive and special viewpoint that you will remember forever (particularly if you schedule your tour for early morning or sunset). This route is one of the best UTV rentals UT.

The Gunlock Loop: Tour Option 1

$350 per vehicle (up to three passengers included)

This option lasts for three hours and includes everything mentioned above in addition to a few neat things we left out so we could mention them here. You’ll explore an awesome box canyon where antique Native American artifacts can be seen. Getting to and driving through the box canyon is incredibly fun. It’ll take you directly through, around, down, and up may different trails varying from rocky to sandy. We usually stop to take a break when we get to the box canyon so that riders can take some pictures and relax a bit. If this is the first time that you’ve experienced UTV rentals UT, this is going to be the option for you.

The Gunlock Loop: Tour Option 2

$400 per vehicle (up to three passengers included)

The lengthiest tour of all the Gunlock Loop options, Option 2 lasts approximately 4 hours. We can go quickly if you like faster speeds or we can take our precious time and really take it all in (or a little of both). We’ll certainly go visit the birthing caves and see the ancient petroglyphs and old spear shards. To get to this spot, it does require us to stop the vehicles at a particular point and continue on foot a ways. If you’re not physically capable to trek on foot over some mildly steep sandstone boulders and rocky terrain, you’re welcome to stay in or near the vehicles during this excursion. This longer tour also allows passengers to really feel the wind in their hair, learn from the drivers about some of the area’s history, and truly feel like they are exploring and blazing new trails. UTV rentals UT doesn’t get much better than this.

The Gunlock Loop: Custom Option

$450 per vehicle (up to three passengers included)

We want our riders to have the choice to customize this particular to their exact liking if they choose to do so. Just ask us and we’ll explain each area and feature of the entire loop and then you can let us know the specific places that you would like to see. Most patrons who choose this option prefer to create a tour longer than 5 hours. No problem for us! The longer we’re out their in the beautiful wilderness the happier we are, that’s for sure. We usually provide lunch on custom tours, take a swim in the reservoir, get out and hike, or drive out to Red Hollow Arch.

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Tour Spotlight: The Gunlock Loop

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