What Makes Dirt Road Uber Unique?

UTV rentals is as popular in Utah as in any other state, and for good reason. There seem to be more great places to ride UTVs here than anywhere else, and many of those places happen to be in Southern Utah. Because of how popular off-roading is here, it isn’t any wonder that there are a lot of companies that rent UTVs. Just in Southern Utah alone there are a staggering amount of places where you can rent off-road vehicles. With so many choices, how do you decide which company to go with? They are all great, that is for sure. But there are a select few that set themselves apart with unique features, and Dirt Road Uber is definitely one of those.

Perhaps the most obvious difference, before experiencing one of their tours, is their choice of location. Dirt Road Uber operates away from sand dunes which are typically where most off-road operations set up camp, especially in the St. George, UT area. If you ask them, everybody else has it all wrong as far as local terrain is concerned. And after you go out with them, you may find it hard to refute that sentiment. The mountainous and prairie-like terrain of the Ivins/Gunlock/Enterprise areas of Southern Utah is spectacular to behold. It really feels more like an exploratory experience as opposed to tour guides taking every rider over the same trail every time. Dirt Road Uber ditches the roller coaster aspect of many UTV rentals and puts real adventure and exploration in its place.

Among others, the other very appealing and unique characteristic of this particular off-roading outfit involves the members who run it. The guys at Dirt Road Uber aren’t in it for the money. They’re in it for the fun and friendship! If you prefer friendly conversation over tour guide rhetoric and making new friends over riding in silence, this is the company to call. These guys have a true passion for this area of Southern Utah and all they want to do is share it with you. They love meeting new people and having a great time!

In 2018, when you’re wanting to go on a UTV tour or simply try something new and fun, visit DirtRoadUber.com and choose them. On the site, you’ll find information on the various tours and places available including information on the boys themselves. You are guaranteed to have a great and memorable time.

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What Makes Dirt Road Uber Unique?

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