Top Reasons Why UTV Tours Are Awesome

There are many reasons why UTV tours are awesome. Here are some of them!

Virtually any terrain is manageable

Almost no terrain is unmanageable on UTV tours. All kinds of landscapes are surmountable: rocky, sandy, muddy, it doesn’t matter. UTVs can even climb up steep hills, fine sand dunes, and over fallen tree branches and debris. Many first-timers are astounded at what these machines are capable of as they easily overcome landscapes that at first glance seem unsafe, but then suddenly you’re through it or over it and you realized that you underestimated their abilities.

So many to choose from

One of the greatest things about UTVs is the huge number of machines to choose from. Different manufacturers construct and design UTVs for specific purposes. For example, if you simply want a UTV to help you with work around the farm, there is a UTV built for that specific purpose with the appropriate accessories and capabilities. On the other hand, if you are a thrill-seeking adventurer and you want a UTV for the sole purpose of gaining speed and flying high, there is UTV built specifically for those people as well. Are you a fisherman? A hunter? A mountaineer? A racer? Whatever you want an UTV for, chances are there is a make and model that’s been made with you in mind.

So many accessories

For those of you who like your vehicles dressed up above and beyond the factory settings, you will love getting and riding UTVs. However you prefer to trick out or stylize your machine, you won’t have any trouble doing so. Just some of the different options that are available include gun scabbards, enclosures, extra seats, game racks, various tool boxes, and more. Everything from practical and utility things all the way to totally unnecessary but awesome things!

Quality safety features

Safety is the name of the game when it comes to UTVs. If you spot the OSHA certified seal somewhere on the vehicle, then you know you will be in good hands. That seal lets you know that certifications for rollover protection have been put in place. Quite often, UTVs are a known to be safer in general than most ATVs; not every time, but a lot of the time. Going on UTV tours is extremely safe.

Getting muddy

Of all the stereotypes that follow UTV riders, the mental images of mud-caked tires and door frames usually come to mind first. Though mud-crawling is certainly not the only activity UTV riders engage in, it is without a doubt one of the most popular. These machines are built to conquer the backcountry and there is a lot of mud out there. Splashing through muddy terrain carries with it an unique exhilaration along with a connection to the earth. For all the mud-crawlers out there, UTV tours are for you. Though the 2×4’s are great in their own right, the 4×4’s are the ones you should go with if trouncing and crashing through mud and dirt is your cup of tea.

More seats

Want to bring more passengers along? Then riding a UTV is the way to go. ATVs, though fantastic, usually aren’t built for over two passengers whereas UTVs usually are. 2, 3, and 4 seaters are available. If sharing the off-road experience with friends and loved ones is sounds appealing to you, then riding a UTV is recommended.

Goodbye golf carts, hello UTVs

Instead of buying a golf cart, buy a UTV! They can accomplish all of the tasks that you would traditionally want a golf cart for and more. Most likely they are going to be more comfortable then a golf cart, more functional, potentially more fuel-efficient (compared to some golf carts), and they cost around the same.


Though certainly not an exhaustive list of all the reasons that make UTV tours awesome, you now have an idea of how and why they are so great.

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Top Reasons Why UTV Tours Are Awesome

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